directed by Carlo Vogele

produced by Nicolas Steil / Iris Prod

written by Isabelle Andrivet and Carlo Vogele

Artistic director: Edouard Cour

Animated Feature Film in Production since october 2019

with Iris Prod, CGLux, Mikros Liege, Zeilt Studio.


Young Icarus lives a happy and humble life in the sculpture workshop of his father, the famous inventor Daedalus. The day he discovers a little boy with a bull's head who lives hidden in the royal palace of Knossos, a wild and tender friendship rocks his world.

But when King Minos emprisons the "Monster" in the secret labyrinth built by Daedalus, Icarus loses his only friend as well as his trust in a beloved father.


As the handsome Prince Theseus arrives in Crete to kill the Minotaur, Icarus seizes one last chance to save his childhood friend. After a fateful night of death and betrayal, his disillusion culminates in a tragic choice between light and darkness.

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